Do you have an Idea?

Share your idea with us and we together make it into a real-life working product which can be sold directly to the consumers.

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Your Idea or Design

You send your Design files

Getting everything together in drawings for  3D printing is the key first stage. You can also, send us what you can to best show your job specifications.

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We work with you to get it just right

We'll look to see exactly how we can help you. We work to suit your needs. You'll get a quote based on your job specification.

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Batch Production

We make it

If you're happy with everything, we'll get cracking! Turn-around is fast, you'll be surprised! Where we can fit in with your deadline, not the other way round.

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About Us


  • ShaperBOT began with a simple goal, to bring 3D Printing technology to as many homes, schools and businesses as possible.

  • We perform reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, rapid redesign, and small-run manufacturing.

  • Our growing list of clients includes a host of industries from automotive, healthcare and education to defense, architecture, and robotics.

  • Our motto is to develop a customization culture in India.

  • We believe that with the right equipment and tools if you can dream it then you can create it.

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Very satisfied by the sturdy 3d printing quality, model finishing, budget bill, and responsible on time door delivery. I highly recommend ShaperBOT for student and professional needs. Thumbs up !!

- Vivek Menon, IDCIIT Bombay

Thanks for the awesome prints. Also, love how the finish was done under such limited time. The price is another factor why I considered going for ShaperBOT. Shaperbot is one of the very few vendors who provide a really good service at a reasonable price. Any student looking 3d printing services should probably consider ShaperBOT.

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