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From concept model to functional assembly, ShaperBOT prints your prototype in a very short time.

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Architectural Modeing


In architecture, a physical model can be essential to realizing how a design interacts with its environment, and it's the best way to perceive changes or challenges you may need to overcome.


If you are an architecture student, an interior designer or civil engineer then we are here to help you out in making a real-life presentable and durable scale model of your design. 


Reverse Engineering


If you have any old unique product and want to make a replica of that then with us you can make as much as quantities you desire at very reasonable cost.

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Home Decor Products

If you are an interior designer or product designer then work with us and will make your unique design into real life products and make the new attractive type of products available in the market.

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One can hardly imagine anyone who does not like the gift-giving tradition. Even in the oldest of times people give and receive presents in order to express the feelings of love, warmth, and affection for the other person. As the days gone by gifts have changed their form but the tradition remains the same even after thousands of years. Even now people put a lot of thought and effort to buy the perfect gift for their loved ones. Sometimes, it is difficult to find a perfect gift for your loved ones because of a number of reasons like they already have everything or you simply have no idea what they want. If you are out of ideas, we are here to help you.

3D printers for everyone

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If you are an artist, designer, engineer, or hobbyist and interested in buying a 3D printer for your personal use or for a professional use then we can guide you and provide you the best printer which will be suitable for your purpose of use.

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We Sell 3D doodling pen and also provide it on a rental basis for art and craft workshops.

If you want us to give a workshop in your school/ college or organization then contact us. We will be happy to provide this service at  the very minimum cost